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Service Portfolio

Commercial & Corporate Housekeeping Services
M & A
Real Estate, Construction & Development
Banking & Finance
Insolvency & Restructuring
Labour & Employment
EU, Regulatory & Antitrust
Public Procurement & State Aid
Dispute Resolution
Private Client Services
Commercial & Corporate Housekeeping Services
  • Establishment of local presence
  • All types of registrations
  • Day-to-day corporate guidance
  • Corporate secretarial services
  • Day-to-day commercial legal services
  • Labour and employment
  • Compliance programmes, internal corporate codes, corporate internal governance
  • Lease, sublease, real estate leasing, service level agreements
  • Corporate restructuring projects
  • Outsourcing
  • Product liability
  • Consumer protection, data protection
  • IP/IT matters
  • Unfair competition
  • Industry specific regulations
  • Dispute resolution, arbitration and litigation
M & A
  • Share and asset acquisitions or disposals
  • Buyer and vendor legal due diligence
  • Joint ventures
  • Management schemes
  • Pre- and post-transaction corporate restructuring
  • Antitrust and merger control
  • Takeover bids
  • Real estate
  • Regulatory packages
  • Refinancing, cash management
Real Estate, Construction & Development
  • Acquisition and disposal of real estate projects
  • Construction, development and property management
  • Joint ventures
  • Financing and re-financing of real estate transactions and projects
  • Real estate management arrangements
  • Leases and subleases
  • Planning and zoning procedures
  • Environmental aspects of real estate projects
  • Real estate investment funds structuring, formation and management
  • Real estate leasing, sale and leaseback transactions
  • Tax structuring
Banking & Finance
  • Acquisition financing
  • Mezzanine financing and subordinate financing
  • Syndicated loans, club financing
  • Project financing
  • Asset-backed financing
  • Financial restructuring
  • Loan and security arrangements
  • Structured finance and securitisation
  • Corporate and real estate financing
  • Bond financing
  • Investment funds formation, fund management
  • Liaising with regulatory authorities
  • Pre- and insolvency debt restructuring
  • Regulatory frameworks
Insolvency & Restructuring
  • Local and cross-border debt restructuring and workouts
  • Disposals or acquisitions of distressed business operations and assets
  • Bail-outs and bail-ins
  • Insolvency advice and proceedings
  • Risk management, bankruptcy, restructuring or other insolvency operations
  • Insolvency litigations
  • Board of creditors structuring, formation and management
  • Insolvency restructuring plans, management and implementation
Labour & Employment
  • Employment contracts, managerial contracts, office performance agreements
  • All types of employer-employee documentation
  • Collective bargaining and negotiating with trade unions
  • Employment termination, mass dismissals, outsourcing, outplacement schemes
  • Work rules, internal guidelines
  • Health and safety
  • Compliance programmes
  • Tailored internal legal trainings
  • Labour litigations
  • Top management motivation schemes
  • Traditional motivation schemes
  • Holding management schemes
  • Employment liability
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Holding directives
  • Service level agreements
  • Day-to-day liaising with labour, social and health insurance and other authorities
  • Post-insolvency matters
  • Bankruptcy tenders and disposals
  • Trustee services
  • Nominee services packages
  • Insolvency compliance matters
  • Turn-around contractual packages
  • Turn-around risk management liability structuring and implementations
  • Insolvency risk defence
  • Distressed business management
EU, Regulatory & Antitrust


  • Energy and mining
  • IP, technology, media and telecommunication
  • Financial services
  • Transport
  • Food, beverage and agriculture
  • Retail and distribution
  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical industry
  • Automotive
  • Petro/chemicals
  • Public services


  • Merger control
  • Joint ventures, cooperation agreements, associations
  • State aid
  • Public and private procurement
  • Cartels and concerted practices
  • Abuse of dominant position, abuse of market power
  • Distribution schemes
  • EU and public funds
  • Registration and licencing services
  • Dawn raid manuals and trainings, mock dawn raids, compliance programmes
  • Leniency a imunity programmes, settlements
  • Regulatory due diligence
  • Management liability structuring and risk mitigation
  • Sectoral investigations, procedures and disputes, damages
Public Procurement & State Aid


  • Public tenders‘ monitoring
  • Training, workshops, methodical guidance and support
  • Bid and tender documentation
  • Structuring and managing private and public tenders
  • Representation in tender proceedings
  • Representation before courts and Anti-monopoly Office
  • Identification of state aid and liaising with authorities


  • European Commission
  • Antimonopoly Office
  • Ministry for regional development and other ministries
  • Financial and other authorities
  • National and EU courts
  • Regional authorities, municipalities
  • Research and development
  • Know-how management and transfer
  • Copyright, licensing
  • Local and international IP registrations, disputes, licensing
  • Software development and implementation, IT outsourcing
  • Social network matters
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Patents
  • Public procurement in IT
  • Electronic documents, contracts, documentation incl. patient records
  • Media law and regulation
  • Domain name transfers and disputes
  • Regulatory compliance services
  • Royalties and other fee arrangements
  • State aid and subsidies
  • Local and EU laws and regulations
  • Liaising with state authorities
Dispute Resolution
  • Commercial and civil litigations
  • Insolvency proceedings
  • Contentious insolvency
  • Fraud detection
  • Professional negligence
  • Agency disputes
  • Banking and financial services disputes
  • Criminal investigations
  • Risk mitigation schemes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Product liability
  • Foreign debt recovery
  • Czech and international arbitrations
  • Mediation
  • Private enforcement
  • Management liability disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Joint venture termination
Private Client Services
  • Asset structuring and management
  • Cross-border structuring, transaction and capital management
  • Intergenerational wealth transfer and management
  • Litigation, arbitration and administrative proceedings
  • Tax structuring
  • Risk management and damage control
  • All types of registration and secretarial services
  • Cross-border establishment services, incorporation and management of foreign entities
  • Heritage, family and criminal matters
  • Trusts, foundations, testimonies
  • Management motivation schemes
  • Management monitoring and controlling tools
  • Trustee services
  • Nominee services packages
  • Property repatriations
  • On-shore and off-shore structures

Aurixa Group

Ready-Made Companies
Data Room Services
Global Private Solutions
Real Estate Projects
M&A Baenk
Ready-Made Companies


Ready-Made Companies

All forms of Czech and European companies immediately available to you. Aurixa also sets up companies specifically tailored to your wishes and needs, provides nominee and other related services.

Data Room Services


Data Room Services

Aurixa virtual data room has been made for secure, quick and easy access and sharing of electronic documents between project parties, buyers and sellers. It is designed for legal, tax, technical, commercial, regulatory and environmental due diligence of projects, companies and businesses.

Global Private Solutions


Global Private Solutions

Private services designed for you, your family and family business. Structuring of family wealth and an inter-generational wealth and firm transfers, designing international holding structures, professional management involvement in family firms. Solutions tailored to your entrepreneurial needs, life and family situation. Trusts, foundations, off- and on-shore structures, funds, wills and family arrangements.

Real Estate Projects


Real Estate Projects

Sale or lease of industrial, commercial, office and residential real estate properties including legal and tax aspects. Designing financing structures for real estate investments and projects.

M&A Baenk

Recepce 1

M&A Baenk

Sales and acquisitions of companies, projects and assets. Structuring of joint ventures, partnerships and alliances.


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New restrictions on investigative powers of state officials

The new decision of the Constitutional Court limit investigative powers of state officials. A dusk of the “fishing around” practice. A scope of an investigation must be clearly defined before the investigation begins…  

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Family firms: Intergeneration family asset transfer in the Czech Republic

Intergeneration family asset transfer in the Czech Republic After having build up successful businesses, the first generation of Czech enterpreneurs are facing the last crucial and, hence, elementary question…   Contact AURIXA Florentinum Reception CNa Florenci 2116/15 110 00 Prague 1Czech Republic +420 227 023 851aurixa@aurixa.com ID: 036 22 118Tax ID: CZ 036 22 118

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Trusts and Foundations in the Czech Republic and other jurisdictions

Trust and Foundations in the Czech Republic and other jurisdictions “Trusts” and “Foundations” have become frequently discussed terms among the Czech HNWIs. Popularity of these topics has been growing substantially over the last years. The HNWIs have been using these structures to… Contact AURIXA Florentinum Reception CNa Florenci 2116/15 110 00 Prague 1Czech Republic +420 227 023…

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First Pardubice Elite Mixer

A high profile event took place in Pardubice. The local elite – enterpreneurs, top managers, key politicians and officials met in the beautiful setting of the Pardubice Castle… For more information please contact us. Contact AURIXA s.r.o., law office Florentinum Reception CNa Florenci 2116/15 110 00 Prague 1 – Nové MěstoCzech Republic +420 227 023 851aurixa@aurixa.com IČ: 036…

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A new regulation of the significant market power. Tailored for the Antimonopoly Office! Cracking the whip over the retail chains? / 1 July 2015

The Chamber of Deputies has been reviewing an amendment to the Act On the Signifficant Market Power. The amendment has been prepared by the Antimonopoly Office. The new law aims at… For more information please contact us. Contact AURIXA s.r.o., law office Florentinum Reception CNa Florenci 2116/15 110 00 Prague 1 – Nové MěstoCzech Republic +420 227 023…

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